About NS

Nate Schoemer is an American dog training and canine educational expert and former United States Marine. He was certified as a Professional and Master Dog Trainer through the Tom Rose School, where he graduated at the top of his class in both the Professional and Master Dog Trainer programs where he was later invited to be an assistant instructor. 


Nate began using his extensive experience to help many canine professionals establish their own similar companies. Eventually, Nate’s career culminated with the creation of Nate Schoemer’s Dog Training, with a mission of improving the lives of dogs and their owners through education. 


In 2017, Nate’s dog training caught the attention of Animal Planet and was cast as the co-host of Rescue Dog to Super Dog; a UK show that was formatted for American audiences. In the show, Nate transformed rescue dogs into service dogs to help the lives of people affected by disabilities. 


More recently, Nate joined forces with the non-profit Operation Therapy Dog with a two-part mission of helping veterans and training service dogs for the disabled. He is the head of canine operations for Operation Therapy. He has designed their premier training program matching the ideal training techniques with the proper physical and mental developmental period of a dog’s life.  His approach to training virtually eliminates the amount of time a dog ever has to spend in a kennel for the benefit of the dog, the trainer and the veteran.


Lastly, Nate hosts a popular YouTube channel to help continue his mission of improving the life of all dogs by educating those that care for them.


He prides himself on his self-motivation, honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, and determination to serve his clients and his community in all of his endeavors. He currently works on his entrepreneurial activities and lives with his Malinois, Arih and Labrador, Charlie.